The Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan (PLEA) was incorporated in 1980 as a non-profit, non-government organization that exists to educate, inform and empower through law-related education.

PLEA's primary core funder is the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan. PLEA is also the designated recipient of the Department of Justice (Canada) public legal education and information funding and receives support from Saskatchewan Justice. Additionally PLEA enjoys the support of the Law Society of Saskatchewan, Canadian Bar Association (Saskatchewan Branch), College of Law, Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission, Saskatoon Public Library and public libraries and regional colleges throughout the province.

PLEA can help members of the public by providing general legal information, suggesting resources, and telling people about different options for obtaining legal advice. PLEA can help people…

  • satisfy a general interest in law
  • become familiar with areas of the law that most affect them
  • make use of legal resources available in the community

The information PLEA provides is about laws specific to Saskatchewan and Canada. It is intended as general legal information only and should not form the basis of legal advice of any kind. Individuals seeking specific legal advice should consult a lawyer.

PLEA's Youth and Schools programming provides support for law-related education beyond secondary-level Law classes. Resources developed through the Youth and Schools program cover all age levels and areas of the curriculum, from English Language Arts to Practical and Applied Arts.

The Youth and Schools program also provides plain-language information for young people on topics important to them, such as babysitting, bicycling, and the Youth Criminal Justice Act. As well, a speakers bureau using guest speakers such as lawyers and other professionals can be coordinated for classrooms and youth organizations through the online Request a Speaker form.

PLEA's Primary Core Funder: 
The Law Foundation of Saskatchewan

The Law Foundation of Saskatchewan has been PLEA's most important supporter since our organization began operations in June of 1980. The Foundation has provided the majority of PLEA's operating funds on an annual basis for thirty years.

There had been attempts in our province in the late seventies to establish a legal education program for the public. In 1977, the Saskatchewan Branch of the Canadian Bar Association became interested in the concept. A steering committee was formed, and the search for funding began. In December of 1979, the Law Foundation awarded a grant to the newly-formed PLEA in the amount of $65,000.

Saskatchewan had adopted law foundation legislation in 1971. There was virtually universal acceptance that such funds were to be used for legally related charitable purposes. Under The Legal Profession Act, 1990, the law provides that the purpose of the Foundation is to establish and maintain a fund to be used for the purposes of legal education, legal research, legal aid, law libraries, and law reform.

Over the years, the Law Foundation has generously supported, among others, legal aid and pro bono work, court libraries, law-related educational institutions, and community agencies. We are most honoured and grateful that the members of the Law Foundation have always included PLEA as a worthy grantee. This support has allowed us to build the strong agency we are today, helping to better inform the people of our province about the laws and legal system that touch us all on a daily basis. The Law Foundation has always recognized that there is a need in the community for what we do, and that we belong here.

Thank you, Law Foundation Members, from all of us at PLEA!