PLEA provides understandable, useful information to the people of Saskatchewan. To accomplish our mandate, PLEA relies on volunteers to speak at presentations throughout Saskatchewan and assist us in several other ways.

The high demand for PLEA services means that many of our existing volunteers have to be called on more than once a year. While we are grateful for those who do volunteer, we are always seeking to increase this number.

PLEA requires volunteers in the following areas: Request a Speaker Program (presentations for private organizations, special interest groups and school classrooms); media appearances; and publication editing.

Volunteers have the opportunity to increase positive public exposure while helping communities learn more about our legal system. If you are currently a PLEA volunteer we thank you for your efforts.

If you are already a volunteer please consider updating your information with us by filling out the volunteer form. If you are interested in becoming a PLEA volunteer, any assistance you could offer would be most appreciated.

Note: Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

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Presentation Type (please select all that apply) - I am willing to volunteer to:

Speak with an audience
Write or edit legal publications

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Students in grades K-8
Students in grades 9-12
Students in University/College

Audience Size (please select all that apply) - I am willing to present to:

Groups smaller than 10 people
Groups of 11 to 20 people
Groups of 21 to 50 people
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Maximum Distance for Travel: I am willing to give presentations within km(s) or within hour(s) of the address I have supplied on this form.

Scheduling Restrictions - I am restricted from volunteering during the following times of the day, days of the week or month, and/or months of the year. (e.g. "Afternoons and weekends are not good for me" or "November through February are busy months for me"):

Frequency of Presentations (please select all that apply) - I would be willing to volunteer:

Once every two years
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Twice a year
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Preferred Subject Areas of Law (please select all that apply) - I would be willing to volunteer concerning the following topics:

Aboriginal Law
Buying and Selling a Home
Consumer Law
Copyright/Patent/Trademark/Intellectual Property
Creditors and Debts
Criminal Law
Family Law
Health Care: Legal Issues
Human Rights
Immigration and Citizenship
Kids, School and the Law
Labour Law
Non-Profit Corporations
Older Adults and the Law
Personal Injury Claims
Residential Landlord and Tenant Law
Small Claims Court
Wills and Estates/Powers of Attorney/Health Care Directives
Other (specify)

Special Considerations: Please indicate any pertinent information that this form does not cover.