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Going to King's Bench Court

There can be a number of reasons for starting a court case in King’s Bench Court. You may want to enforce a contract (agreement) that you made with someone about money they would pay you or services they would provide. You may have been harmed by the actions of another person or company and may want to sue for damages. Grounds for suing are complicated and before you decide to sue you should consult a lawyer or, if you are representing yourself, research the law to determine if you have a case.

Law suits are expensive and time-consuming so you should consider whether you could use Small Claims Court or settle your case outside of court. You will also want to consider how or if you will be able to collect on a judgment if you are successful in your case.

Jurisdiction of King's Bench Court

In order to start a civil action in the Court of King's Bench for Saskatchewan, certain requirements must be met.

Starting a King's Bench Case

Different types of matters require different court forms. It is important to ensure that you are using the proper form for your matter.

Defending a King's Bench Case

If you are being sued it is important to understand your options and the consequences of simply not responding.

Serving King's Bench Forms

Ensuring that the other party is properly served with the required documents, within certain time limits, is an important first step for a King's Bench case.

Mandatory Mediation in King's Bench

Parties to any non-family civil case are required to try to mediate their dispute before their case is heard in court.

King's Bench Pre-Trial Conferences

Pre-trial conferences provide the parties with an opportunity to narrow down their issues and determine other matters that can improve the efficiency of the trial.

Offers to Settle in King's Bench Cases

Even after a dispute has moved into the court system, parties still have an opportunity to settle the matter before it is finally decided by the courts.

Preparing for a King's Bench Trial

Going to King's Bench Court involves many formalities. It is important to be properly prepared.

Expedited Claims in King's Bench

Some claims under $100,000 may be heard in an expedited trial that is quicker and less costly than a regular trial in King's Bench Court.

PLEA can provide you with information to help you understand many legal matters you, a family member or friend may be facing.

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