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Government Agencies

Governments use many agencies to do things such as deliver programs and services, make decisions about eligibility for everything from social assistance to citizenship, and settle disputes between individuals such as landlords and renters, or employees and employers.

Examples of government agencies include...

  • Employment Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Board
  • Social Services
  • Saskatchewan Government Insurance
  • Office of Residential Tenancies

A government agency, for example, might determine if you can have a drivers’ licence, if you will be compensated after a workplace injury or whether your landlord can keep your damage deposit after you move out. Government agencies have a duty to follow the law and to treat people fairly when making these decisions.

Dealing with Government Agencies

When an administrative body makes a decision, there are legal mechanisms in place to ensure accountability and to ensure fairness. There are also rules within which administrative bodies must act.

Social Services: Financial Assistance

Income support may be available to eligible Saskatchewan residents who are otherwise unable to meet the basic cost of living.

eHealth Saskatchewan

eHealth Saskatchewan oversees health registries and vital statistics and establishes procedures for things like registering a birth or changing your name.

Employment Standards

Most employers and employees in Saskatchewan are governed by the Employment Standards set out in Part II of The Saskatchewan Employment Act. Each have rights and responsibilities under the Act.

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is regulated throughout Saskatchewan with set standards to protect workers and help ensure their safety. Both employees and employers have responsibilities in this regard.

Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission is designed to protect the dignity, fundamental freedoms and equal rights of Saskatchewan citizens.


All levels of government collect money through taxes to help cover the costs of delivering programs and services to the public.

Privacy & Freedom of Information

There are laws that protect the privacy of your personal information and laws that determine when and how you can access information in the hands of government.

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Workplace Harassment Prevention Training

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