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Workplace Incidents

When things happen in the workplace, whether it is an injury, a hazard that was not properly addressed or harassment, workers have options and processes to deal with the situation.

The Occupational Health & Safety Division can investigate situations where employers may have failed to comply with safety standards or adequately protect workers from harassment. There are a range of actions that can be taken, including requiring the employer to agree in writing to comply with safety standards, ordering that work stop or issuing a ticket. In cases where a serious injury or fatality results from a failure to observe safety standards, individuals and corporations can face substantial financial penalties.

Discriminatory Action

Workers are protected against employers taking action against them when they have exercised their health and safety rights or reported their employer to Occupational Health & Safety. Employers cannot fire, issue a verbal or written warning, suspend, demote, deduct wages or fire an employee for exercising their rights or reporting a health or safety issue.

Workers’ Compensation

Many employees in Saskatchewan are covered by Workers’ Compensation if they are injured at work. Workers’ Compensation covers medical costs and loss of wages. Some industries and occupations are not covered by Workers’ Compensation, such as a number of farming occupations, university professors, door-to-door sales or delivery persons and school teachers. Individuals covered by Workers’ Compensation contribute into the plan through payroll deductions.

If a worker is injured at work they should get immediate medical attention if required. They need to let their healthcare professional know it is a workplace injury so that they can report it to Workers’ Compensation. They should also ask for a written report detailing any physical restrictions based on the injury. The injury must also be immediately reported to the employer and to Workers’ Compensation.

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Safety Planning Tool

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