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Victims' Compensation

Victims have the right to information about financial compensation available to them.

If you are a victim of a crime involving personal violence, such as assault, robbery or kidnapping, you can apply for compensation for reasonable expenses you have as a result of the crime. Compensation is not available for property damage, pain and suffering or legal fees. Expenses related to property crimes are not covered by Victims’ Compensation but you can apply for Restitution.

If the victim is a child, a parent or guardian can make the application. If the victim is a dependent adult, their guardian can make the application. If the victim does not have capacity, another person can be allowed to make the application on the victim's behalf. If the victim is deceased, a dependent can make an application for compensation.

To be able to apply for compensation you must have reported the crime to the police. You can apply for compensation if you have reported the crime even if no charges are laid or no one is convicted of the crime. The crime must have occurred in Saskatchewan.


What type of expenses are covered?


Compensation may be awarded to cover...

  • health care expenses not covered by Saskatchewan Health
  • ambulance costs
  • eyeglasses
  • dental work
  • lost earnings
  • counselling - including the use of traditional Aboriginal healing methods
  • funeral expenses

There are maximum amounts set out for each type of expense. If a victim receives money from other sources, such as an insurance plan or civil lawsuit, that amount may be deducted from any compensation. A formal appeal process is also available in the case of disagreements about compensation decisions.

Applying for Compensation

You do not need a lawyer to apply for compensation. Application forms and additional information is available online and from local Victim Services programs. Your local Police-based Victim Services can help you with the application.

Applications for compensation should be made as soon as possible. Normally applications will not be accepted after two years have passed since the crime was committed. Victims of sexual assaults, however, have two years from the time the crime was reported to the police to apply.

A victim does not have to wait for the result of a police investigation or trial before applying. In fact, since things like counselling funds are intended to assist victims while they are involved in the criminal justice process, it is important to apply before court proceedings have concluded.

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