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Privacy & Access to Health Records

In Saskatchewan, The Health Information Protection Act (HIPA), protects the privacy of people's health information and provides people with a right to access their health information.

Anyone who believes that there has been a violation of HIPA can ask the Information and Privacy Commissioner to investigate. The Commissioner is an officer of the Legislative Assembly and is therefore independent of government.

The collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal health information is guided by these principles...

  • personal health information is private and must be dealt with in a way that respects the individual's privacy
  • wherever possible personal health information should only be collected, used or disclosed with the individual's consent
  • the primary purpose of collecting, using or disclosing personal health information is to benefit the individual that the information relates to
  • personal health information is essential to providing health care and wherever possible should be collected directly from the individual in question
  • personal health information must only be disclosed on a 'need-to-know basis'
  • individuals have a right to be informed about anticipated uses and disclosures of their personal health information
  • individuals must be able to access their own personal health records
  • individuals, organizations and agencies involved with the Saskatchewan health system must protect the security, accuracy and integrity of personal health information

Privacy of Your Health Records

The information you give to your health care provider is confidential. There are laws that cover what information can be collected, how it must be stored and when it can be shared. There are also situations where your information can be disclosed.

Access to Your Health Records

You have a right to any information that a health care provider considered in providing advice or treatment, including records received from other health care professionals in relation to your treatment.

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